Come, Serve!

Little Flower Convent, Basanti
P.O. Basanti-743 312, 24 Parganas,. West Bengal. India.

Convent: +91 91 3218-2322/09, Email:

Basanti, situated on the bank of a side channel linking the Matla with the Vidya. Centered on this tiny village town , the Basanti. in the history of Basanti on 22nd May 1934 , Sister Mary Theodosi (Sr. Provincial ) Sister Anne Marie as Superior, Sr. M. Stanislas as Assitant, Sister Ciril Mary for School , Sister Sylvina for the Dispensary and “Jack of all Trade “. Father Mesaric and Brother Drobnic met them at Canning and brought them safely to Basanti by their “Little Flower Boat".

At the Fathers’ Bungalow were waiting for them a number of people and Fathers.J. Vizjak and Poderzaj. They received them with great joy. By evening they went to the Convent which was still in the ‘making’. In the Compound was an old mud building, a long haul, which was to serve as the school and dormitory. On 20th June the school children began to come in. Small and big- some of them were of marriageable age; there were about 70 in all. The St. Teresa’s School was thus opened.

Then the sick began to pour in. But they had very little in the way of medicines and no place to keep them. It took some time to build dispensary and the ‘Widows’ House. The following year the Widows’ House caught fire. In May, 1937 a terrible cyclone flattened to the ground the school building, the Widows’ House, the kitchen and the go down. This made them to think of a brick building but no money.

In 1941 there was a terrible famine – it was a year never to be forgotten. The Sisters did nothing but cooking, nursing, feeding the hungry and burying the dead. A year later Sisters managed to get some of the girls on the Orphan list. With this they received some help from the Government, so they found it a little easier to run the School and feed the children. Between 1951 and ’52 the Hospital was built with the generous help of Mr. D. Guha in memory of his mother and is named after her Snehalata Guha Maternity Hospital. The Technical Department was opened in 1964. It prepared the students for the Lady Brabourne Diploma three year course. At present it provides a six month course on Tailoring, too.

Marie Therese Social Centre, Gosaba
Arampur, Gosaba P.O. - 743 370, 24 Parganas. West Bengal. India.

Phones: +91 91 3218-2361/25. Local: +91 9118-36125

Marie Therese Social Centre, Gosaba, under Baruipur Diocese was opened in the year 2000.The land was bought in 1994 by the help of Fr. Sylvester (Parish Priest) in the beginning thatched house was made in the compound. The thatched house was blessed on the same day Our Lady of Fatima was brought in procession from Little Flower Convent, Basanti by the boarders and the sisters.

Sr. Teresa Margaret was the first pioneer to stay in Gosaba. Construction for convent building was begun in 1998 and completed in February 2000. The new convent building was blessed by Fr. Shyamol Bose on 12th March 2000. The community members were Srs. Teresa Margaret, Fulgentia, Rita Perumaden and Sandhya. The apostolates of the community were: Socio Pastoral Ministry, Family visits, Parish work and B.C.C. prayer. The community also takes care of 17 self help group. These groups are situated in five villages Gosaba, Bally, Sonaga, Kumirmari and Satjelia. Financially these groups are helped by Palli Unnayan Samiti Baruipur.

Community organizses various types of training and awareness programmes to help them to raise their standard of living in society, politically, economically and intellectually so that they can cope with the changing world and live better life. Remedial class: Community is involved in three coaching class centres. These are situated in three villages Gosaba, Pakhairala and Tiger More. There are 120 students. One supervisor and six teachers. Children are mostly admitted from the poor family especially those who cannot afford for private tuition. Health Ministry: Community has a dispensary. Once a week doctor comes to see the patients from Basanti Convent.